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Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach has the fun and funky attitude that southern California is known for. O.B. is about as unpretentious as San Diego beach living gets. Sunny days are punctuated with the occasional jet roaring overhead, the barking of happy dogs playing at Dog Beach, and waves pounding the coastline of Sunset Cliffs.

In many ways, it’s kind of a quiet sleepy place that time forgot. It’s one of the few places left in San Diego (or the rest of the country for that matter) where the shops are locally owned and managed, and there isn’t a Baby Gap and a Pottery Barn on every corner. There are local favorites, like Hodad’s, Third Corner and Nick’s at the Pier. There are dog lovers, bike riders, surfers, and plenty of beach. There is a lot to enjoy in this funky little beach town, with its eclectic collection of antique stores, bars, Deadheads, restaurants, musicians, activists, bikers, and artists.


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